The Power of Perspective: Your Audience Will Thank You

When you’re just getting started with video (or photo), it’s really easy to get accustomed to shooting everything from the same point of view: eye level.

Many beginners simply hold the camera up in a comfortable position, focus on their subject, and start capturing.

It is our normal point of view, after all, so it totally makes sense to be drawn naturally to this perspective.

But since all humans view the world this way, it also becomes really uninteresting, really fast.

After a while, all of the shots start to feel the same, which bores the audience and ultimately makes them tune out.

That’s why instead of being boring, you should harness the power of perspective (and use it to your advantage.)

Let’s not forget: you’re the one in charge here.

You control what the audience sees because you're the one recording the material.

And while there are no right or wrong shots, there certainly are dull and intriguing ones.

So, what if you:

  • Held your camera lower than normal? Or above your head?
  • Laid on the ground? Or stood on a chair and shot down onto your subject?
  • Got as close as possible? Or shot from a distance?
  • Shot from behind instead of in front?

When you really think about it, there’s a billion different ways to shoot a subject, none of which will break anything.

And the wonderful thing about unusual angles is they move the audience out of their comfort zone, which creates interest, which makes for more entertaining video.

But first, YOU need to move out of YOUR comfort zone.

Don’t just stand there and hold the camera up to your eye; that’s the most boring, meaningless thing you could do.

Move around. A lot. Get dirty. Let the creative juices flow.

See how many different angles you can capture for a single subject. It’s a great exercise to get you thinking about the power of perspective.

And believe me, your audience will thank you. Cheers.