Can't Think Of Video Ideas To Market Your Business? The Story Of A Blender With 900,000 YouTube Subscribers

Based on everything we know about video, it’s puzzling to me why more businesses aren’t taking advantage of it to market their business.

I mean, there’s literally cameras everywhere you look: on phones, tablets, computers. There’s actually one staring at me right now on my laptop that I totally forgot about. All great quality. All very capable of getting the job done.

In fact, if you don’t have access to any type of camera at all this day in age, I’d find that very surprising. Because even if you don’t personally own one, you MUST know a friend or family member that does.

So, what’s really holding people back from taking advantage of video content?

I decided to do a bit of digging. The biggest barrier I found?

Coming up with ideas.

Let me tell you a little story about a company called Blendtec. They sell blenders. High quality ones. Like, 'the-last-blender-you’ll-ever-need-for-the-rest-of-your-life' type quality. The product totally kicks ass, but at the end of the day, it’s just a blender.

Or is it?

Soon after joining the company as marketing director, George Wright was casually crossing the factory floor when he stumbled upon Blendtec’s CEO Tom Dickson. Tom is a mad scientist of sorts, and was in the midst of blending a 2”x4” piece of lumber as George was passing by. Even though this was just a routine test being conducted, Wright couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

And that’s when his marketing 'spidey-senses' started tingling.

He rushed out to the store and picked up a few things: a bag of marbles, a six-pack of Coke, a rotisserie chicken and a lab coat. He grabbed his camera, told Dickson to wear the coat so he’d look like an engineer, and had him pour the marbles into the blender. In a matter of seconds, they were pulverized into dust, and the rest is history.

You see, before that video, Blendtec was just a scarcely known company that made a $400 blender. Afterwards, though, the seeds had been planted for an insanely popular web series called, “Will It Blend?”

I’m talking 900,000 YouTube subscribers and 270 million views popular.

Dickson could have taken the easy route, and whipped up some margaritas or a smoothie as a demonstration. Borrr-ing. Instead, he’s produced nearly 200 videos by obliterating Justin Beiber cd’s, a laptop, cameras, deodorant, and a pool noodle, among other things. He even blended the new iPhone 6 the day after it came out. Could you imagine watching that video while waiting for yours to come in the mail?

The point is, something that was so routine and so ordinary for Blendtec’s CEO wasn’t ordinary at all to everyone that watched those videos. And this is how you should start thinking about your business too.

Like the blender, I’m going to assume that your product or service is as high quality as it can be. That’s a given. But are there creative ways you could showcase these things to your potential customers? I bet there are. The biggest challenge is to try taking note of all the little things you find ordinary, because those are most likely the things other people will find extraordinary.

So are you going to blend some smoothies? Or some Justin Beiber cd’s? The choice is yours.