Hey, I'm jon.

I’ve been telling stories through film ever since my dad let me use his beefy VHS camcorder back when I was 9.

I started shooting skateboarding videos with friends in the late 90’s, and from that point on, I knew film would always be a part of my life.

Today, filmmaking allows me to share stories about the world and the really cool people who inhabit it. I get to start conversations with strangers and learn about the world from their side of things.

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What i do.

I believe that a good story comes from the heart. It's not told with intense visual effects, cheesy acting, or bulky equipment. It's told with real people doing real things in the real world.

Stories are the basis of my work and every person, business, or product has one. And while the stories always change, the passion doesn’t.

Passion for what my clients do, who they are & what they value. That’s what I try to capture.